Sergey Alesov from Russian Federation Posted on Oct 23, 2015
Hello, My name is Sergey, I’m from Russia, from the city of Tver. My wife and I vacationing in «Seaview Paradise» in September 2015. The hotel impressed us with the care that showed all the hotel staff and of course the big boss - Mr. Gary. The hotel is very nicely located. The mountainous part of the hotel is attractively located on a hillside and is a very nice park with private villas. Houses beautifully situated among huge stones. Villas literally integrated into the natural landscape, beautiful stone protrudes from the wall in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Very good. There is a magnificent panoramic pool. The beach of the hotel is located right in front of the sea. Very comfortably. We can recommend the hotel as the best on the beach of Lamai. Thank you Gary and the entire staff. Very we want to come to you yet, because it felt at home. You are best!
Tony & Christine from United Kingdom Posted on Dec 8, 2014
Wonderful stay !! What a place!!
With great staff nothing seemed too much trouble .
Inna from Russian Federation Posted on Nov 6, 2014

Thanks for a pleasant experience. We really enjoyed it and had a great time.

We will definitely recommend Seaview Paradise to friends.

Xin Wei from China Posted on Oct 9, 2014

Our days in Seaview Paradise were our happiest and unforgettable. 

We are looking forward to visit you again.
Hugh from Scotland Posted on Sep 28, 2014

Many thanks for the excellent service we enjoyed at your aptly named Seaview Paradise.

Its refreshing to experience the level and quality of your care.

And the  "can do,will do" attitude of the entire staff.

Julia from Austria Posted on Sep 21, 2014
Thank you for that amazing holiday!
All the best to you and your family!!

Olivier from France Posted on Sep 2, 2014

We really enjoyed our stay at Seaview Paradise.
Loved our amazing topview villa.

Hope that we will be back soon.
Ali & Maryam from Norway Posted on Aug 19, 2014
We had a lovely time at Seaview Paradise.
Loved the location (although a bit tough uphill).
But most of all we appreciated all the friendliness of the staff.

Gun is an angel!!!
Jiin and family from Korea (South) Posted on Aug 15, 2014

Thank you for your and your staff’s warm hospitality.

Our whole family truly enjoyed our stay. 

Hope to visit again in the near future.
Carl and Sammy from United Kingdom Posted on Aug 13, 2014

We really have enjoyed our honeymoon in this Paradise.

We appreciated the wonderful staff who made our stay the best.

We’ll try to return as soon as we can.

Ana from Portugal Posted on Aug 12, 2014
Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution in making us spend such an amazing time in Ko Samui. I really enjoyed my vacations this year!!!!
Phil from United Kingdom Posted on Aug 3, 2014
Seaview Paradise was the most enjoyable part of my vacation.
I will return my next time in Thailand!
Depauwe from France Posted on Jul 29, 2014
Our week with you was the most beautiful end of our stay.
The team is super warm and smiling.
I will return with no problem.
Ian and family from South Africa Posted on Jul 22, 2014
Thank you for a most enjoyable stay in your Mountain Villas.
We greatly appreciated your hospitality.
We were very happy we choose Seaview Paradise.
Per from Norway Posted on Jul 20, 2014
We loved the hospitality and the team’s excellent service.
We have a lot of good memories from our 3 weeks in Thailand.
Corinne from United Kingdom Posted on Jul 9, 2014
Can’t tell you how much I appreciated all your help.
It felt like staying with friends, rather than a hotel.
We simply loved it!!
John, Dee, Trisha, Sarah from Canada Posted on Jul 6, 2014

Everyone was very accommodating and made us feel more than welcome.

The personal touch which added to our trip was much appreciated.

 The invite to dinner with the other guests was a truly great way to connect and meet new friends

This family business knows what it takes to be special and capture that magic.

Charles, Camille, & baby Come from Belgium Posted on Jun 17, 2014

We miss Thailand and Seaview Paradise.

We enjoyed our stay, the dedicated people, and the unique view from the pool.

Rob from Australia Posted on May 28, 2014

We really enjoyed our stay.

The Seaview hospitality made it such an easy trip to enjoy.

Next time in Samui I’ll be sure to stay again (if there is space!).

Rebecca-Anne from United Kingdom Posted on May 21, 2014


We are already planning a return trip and would like to stay with you again!

Your staff, the bungalows, it was all absolutely lovely.

Ana and David from Switzerland Posted on May 17, 2014

We really enjoyed our stay in Samui. Seaview Paradise is really heavenly and the staff fantastic.
We look forward to come back next year!!!!!!

Greg from Australia Posted on May 13, 2014
We enjoyed our stay at Seaview.
Hopefully will be back within the year.
Jo from United Kingdom Posted on May 4, 2014

We’re home and can’t stop wishing we were back at Koh Samui.

We loved the personal touches, the location.

Accommodation was great and the staff wonderful.

See you again real soon.

Ryan and Nocole from United States Posted on May 1, 2014

We can’t wait to get back to Koh Samui, it was our favorite location on the trip and we had such a fantastic time at the Seaview Paradise!

Jutta from Germany Posted on Apr 27, 2014
Thanks to Gary, Thip and all the staff for a very relaxed Holiday.
See you again soon!!!
Lyudmila from Russian Federation Posted on Mar 31, 2014
This hotel left only positive impressions. We will surely return. We often travel but this the best that that we ever had over the last 10 years. See you again!
Sue from United Kingdom Posted on Mar 9, 2014
Seaview Paradise is a very special and  beautiful place. i will surely visit again.
Ekaterina from Russian Federation Posted on Mar 4, 2014
We really enjoyed our stay with you! We wish the entire Seaview team a successful coming year in everything. I will recommend your Villas!
Andrew mcknight from Egypt Posted on Feb 11, 2014
Just arrived back from Seaview and we(my family and I)think this place is brilliant.Everything is fully catered for with regards to comfort,location,and facilities.It’s exactly what you want for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Andy,Monica and Melissa Sharm el Sheikh Egypt..
Alexey from Russian Federation Posted on Nov 25, 2013
Thank you very much for an unforgettable vacation and relaxation. You and your family gave us a warm welcome and we enjoyed the family atmosphere. We all loved it!
Dennis and Loes from Netherlands Posted on Sep 22, 2013
Since the day we arrived at your place everything went uphill. We thank you again for taking such good care of us.  Good luck with everything and we’ll meet again.
Tanya and Hans from Netherlands Posted on Sep 6, 2013
We had a great time at the Seaview Paradise and enjoyed every minute of it! Especially through the good care of the family and team, was our holiday fantastic! We have really good memories of our stay!
Phillip from New Zealand Posted on Sep 3, 2013
The holiday was just what I needed and the staff were exceptional.
Berney from Luxembourg Posted on Aug 30, 2013
I had an excellent time. And that’s why it never felt like 5 weeks on Samui at Seaview.
Shame it’s over.
Per and family from Sweden Posted on Aug 26, 2013
As always we had a lovely stay at your resort! It feels like coming home when we arrive and when we leave we know that we are coming back again!
Jo from United Kingdom Posted on Aug 20, 2013
We loved the Seaview Paradise and had a fab time.  Your staff are brill and we loved the little tortoiseshell cat who visited us for a cuddle often!  I have done a Tripadvisor review and we hope to return to stay with you again.
Our trip to Thailand was a wonderful experience for our family  and our stay on the Mountain was a lovely retreat from the busy places we had visited and enjoyed.  We got to Lamai at just the right time  in our trip for a rest and Samui is just beautiful.
Frank from Netherlands Posted on Aug 19, 2013
We had a great time At Seaview Paradise. Had a wonderful private tour across the island; so i didn’t had to walk too much on my injured knee. The staff was so friendly! Couldn’t wish for any better ending of our holiday!
Audrey and Saleh from Germany Posted on Aug 15, 2013
We enjoyed our stay in Thailand very very much - the Seaview Paradise Resort is a beautiful place and we enjoyed meeting everybody on your team and relaxing on the beach and on our Banyan Tree Villa Terrace. Thanks for everything.
Maryana from Australia Posted on Aug 5, 2013
Thanks so much for an unforgettable time in Samui. We really enjoyed our time and had so much fun. These lovely memories will warm up us through the year! Thank you Gary for such a generous hospitality! Love your family and very professional working staff.
Russell & Alex from Australia Posted on Aug 2, 2013
We are both returning to Australia relaxed and physically recuperated. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful location at Lamai Beach.
Paul & Caro from Australia Posted on Jul 30, 2013
Great relaxing family holiday. Thank you Gary, Na and all staff. Our large family of frenchies/kiwis and aussies loved staying at your place. One of the best holidays we have had. Cheers! Paul, Caro and family
Elena, Nikolay, imofey from Russian Federation Posted on Jul 8, 2013

Thank you for an excellent holiday. We will be glad to return (and to recommend to the friends).

PS. Thanks for the cat therapy. Send greetings to the black office cat, he was perfect.

Miroslav from Czech Republic Posted on Jul 6, 2013

Thank you for a really beautiful stay in your magnificent mountain villa!  My girlfriend and I traveled with our parents because our whole stay in Thailand was a gift to my mother and my girlfriend’s father, who both recently celebrated 60th birthday. Thanks to you amd your staff we all enjoyed everything a lot and our parents brought home many good experiences.

Stephen and Azie from United Kingdom Posted on May 29, 2013

Had a wonderful stay at Seaview Paradise. It’s a breath of fresh air. I shall make Seaview Paradise my point of call on future visits to the island.

A special mention to your staff, who are both friendly and helpful. My wife and I look forward to staying again in the future.

Janet and Simon from Germany Posted on Apr 30, 2013
Gad an amazing time at Seaview Paradise. We hope to return soon!
Paul and Caro from Australia Posted on Apr 28, 2013
We really had a great time and we want to say a special thank you to Beach Manager Nha as she was fantastic.
Henrik from Sweden Posted on Apr 27, 2013
We appreciated the hospitality of and for the true pleasure of meeting the Seaview team. We guaranteed we will check in again!
Fiona from Ireland Posted on Apr 17, 2013
Thank you to the owners and the staff at Seaview Paradise for such a wonderful family holiday. The staff are very warm and welcoming and extremely helpful. The villa was perfect. We will definitely be returning.


Sabrina and Marco from Italy Posted on Apr 16, 2013

Great hospitality. We really enjoyed it! Appreciated!

Thomas from Switzerland Posted on Apr 16, 2013

We had a really great time and wonderful holiday in the Seaview bungalows. A wonderful care by Gary and his team.

Umberto from Italy Posted on Apr 8, 2013
I really enjoyed my time at Seaview Paradise, I’ ll definitely stay here again. It isn’t so easy to find a place with such a great staff and where everybody’s so kind and polite!.
Marion & Markus from Germany Posted on Apr 7, 2013
We had a very beautiful stay in this Seaview Paradise.
We hope to return to this very friendly staff again.
Thomas from Germany Posted on Apr 6, 2013
Thanks for the 3 amazing weeks in your resort. I enjoyed it like all the times before and already start to miss it again. i hope to return next year.
Ada from Switzerland Posted on Apr 5, 2013
We greatly enjoyed our stay at Paradise. Even though there were a lot of steps to climb the view from our villa was breathtaking and it made it all worth while. Also the pool was an oasis of relaxation with an excellent view. I would also like to thank Aon for making sure we had everything we need.

I would gladly recommend this Paradise to anyone I know that will be visiting Ko Samui and I will also return with great pleasure.
Luc from France Posted on Mar 30, 2013
Thanks Seaview Paradise for your great hospitality. The whole team is great and very caring. We will highly recommend this establishment that bears it’s name very well!
Evgeny Sukhov from Russian Federation Posted on Mar 16, 2013
We were lived in 4-bedroom Villa on mountain from 3 to 8 March. It`s wonderful place with amazing view on Lamai beach and jungle. Service and staff was great! Small problems as a gas cancelled were solved during 10 minutes even in night. Its really good place for staying with big and small company. And Rock show by Thai group in Irish Pub is also wonderful! Thanks so much for you Gary and your team!!!
Ada from Kazakhstan Posted on Dec 19, 2012

Great place, great people, great vacation.


Thank you Gary, Thip and the team



Irina from Russian Federation Posted on Dec 16, 2012
Thank you for our wonderful holiday, for the hospitality and for the Villas! We ALL really enjoyed it-and in the mountains and on the beach! Really want to go back and we Miss Paradise!
Ursula and Beat from Switzerland Posted on Dec 13, 2012

We returned to for the 5th time to this special place of hospitality and relaxation and again it was an amazing experience!

We stayed at Panorama villa on the top of the hill; The view is just spectacular, we could not get enough of it and we enjoyed the total privacy at this villa.

Thanks to the Family and the whole Crew for their hospitality, again it was a little bit like "coming home"!

Jing Gong from China Posted on Dec 11, 2012
We had such a happy time in our Seaview Paradise Villa. Our thanks go to the staff for their help in guiding us around the Lamai. This was just a perfect 4 night stay that we’ll cherish the memories long in the future. 
Elena from Russian Federation Posted on Nov 4, 2012

Thank you very much for the wonderful Samui Holiday! Thanks especially to the Team of Seaview Paradise! They are very attentive and kindhearted people! My family felt very comfortable and happy in the Paradise! We wnjoyed every minute of  our stay at Seaview Paradise and hope we can return again.

Ausra from Finland Posted on Nov 4, 2012

Thank you for such a wonderful stay at Seaview Paradise. We returned home with warmth in our hearts.

Ksenia and Andrey from Russian Federation Posted on Sep 26, 2012

We enjoyed our stay in our Seaview Paradise Villa. It is very pleasant. And of course we will recommend it to our friends!

Kim and Niklas from Germany Posted on Aug 16, 2012
We really enjoyed our stay at Seaview Paradise. We will tell everyone who is planning a trip to Samui how wonderful this place is.
Bobby from Australia Posted on Aug 16, 2012
Good hosts at Seaview Paradise. I had a very nice relaxing stay in my Villa. 
Max and Pauke from Netherlands Posted on Aug 2, 2012
We had a great time in this nice place. Thanks to everyone!
Christine from France Posted on Aug 2, 2012
We had a great week at Seaview Paradise. it was quiet and relaxing, and also very clean. The staff was always nice and helpful. We’ll definitely come back.
Karl Inge and family from Norway Posted on Jul 24, 2012

Thanks a lot for the great hospitality during our week in Lamai! We have only positive experiences from our visit, and we all agree we should go back! But we can dream and think back on our great holiday in Samui. That helps! 

Karl and family

Laura from Switzerland Posted on Jul 24, 2012

Thank you for the wonderful stay in out Two Tree Villa! We will definitely recommend this lovely hotel to friends. It was my first trip to Thailand, and I really liked it! Hope to be back again,

Laura and Sven

Andy and Nicola from United Kingdom Posted on Jul 12, 2012

After a year in Shanghai Seaview Paradise was just what we needed. I fell in love with the photo on the website and it didn’t disappoint. Watching my three sons playing on the beach was priceless.

Andy, Nicola and boys
Oksana and Alexey from Russian Federation Posted on May 17, 2012
Thanks once again for fine rest! We will recommend your country house to the acquaintances and friends! We wish you and all your family excellent health and prosperity! To fast meeting again!
Sergei, Svetlana and Liudmila from Russian Federation Posted on May 17, 2012
We are all still under huge excitement about our stay in your beautiful Seaview Paradise. It really exceeded all our expectations!  For us - it was a real visit to paradise. I promise to spread this news to all my friends.
Larisa from Russian Federation Posted on Apr 2, 2012
I and my children have spent on the mountain Villa amazing two weeks in the end of February. When choosing a hotel, we had three components: the magnificent views, lovely pool and an excellent work of the staff. All of this was at the highest level. I believe that the best place on the island. Thank you, Gary, we’ll be back soon.
Sergy from Russian Federation Posted on Feb 26, 2012
Нашли через этот сайт, заказали напрямую через сайт отеля, Гари, хозяин комплекса вилл, ответил сразу. Мы хотели среднюю двухспальную виллу в горах, однако свободных на наш срок не нашлось и мастер Гари любезно предложил разбить наше размещение на две части-первая на пляже и вторая в горах, сделав скидку по стоимости за это. Согласились и ничуть не пожалели об этом. Первая вилла в 17 шагах от пляжа просто стала родным домом. Две спальни, холл с барной стойкой и кухней-есть все(мы даже один разготовили, но просто из интереса т.к. делать это на Самуи совершенно не недо-куча баров и ресторанов рядом) На день рождения супруги в номере ждал шикарный букет-подарок от отеля, очень приятно. Весь персонал отеля это большая семья мистера Гари, очень приятные люди, всегда помогут, всегда с улыбкой.Пляж утром во время прилива достаточно глубок для плавания, а вечером при отливе-рай для ребятишек( чуть выше колена с песчаным дном на расстоянии метров 200 от берега(дальше не ходили) Горная вилла Орхидея-прекрасный вид с веранды и просто завораживающий со своей террасы на крыше(панорама на весь залив) 155 ступеней от офиса до виллы приведут ваши ноги в стройный вид. Горные виллы для полнейшего уединения и встреч рассветов. Обязательно сходите с Гари на Рок вечеринку(лучшие места и живая музыка обеспечена) Следующая поездка будет на Самуи в эту гостеприимную семью. Кстати, обратный рейс у нас был в 8 вечера и мы провели это время у себя, хотя по правилам должны были покинуть виллу в 12, но Гари оставил нас не взяв за это никаких денег. Еще раз спасибо от всей семьи за самые прекрасные 12 дней!!!
Chris from Austria Posted on Dec 14, 2011

It was better than we thought. Especially Nha and her team are angels and everytime available for any kind of questions. JUST PERFECT.

 We will be there again in 2012, for sure.

Jaquelynn from United States Posted on Nov 10, 2011

From the moment we arrived at the airport, it was an amazing

experience. Gary and his family are so hospitable. We got into

our bungalow and 30 min later, we were meeting up with the

rest of the family for drinks and dancing. We stayed up on the

hill, most people suggested we get scooters/motorbikes but

we walked pretty much everywhere or would get a ride to the

beach. Take a flashlight with you at night, even if you’re just

going to the pool because it gets dark!

Speaking of the pool, infinity pool that is, once my boyfriend

got in I didn’t think I’d ever get him out again! The views are

Martin from Germany Posted on Aug 7, 2011
We enjoyed our time at the Seaview Paradise as staying in a
unique place surrounded by nature. The staff was very helpful
on our requests, furthermore it was good to have so much
written information in our room which I missed sometimes in
Thailand. Also thank you very much for providing the additional
bed: as beds are usually very hard in Thailand (or Asia) my
girlfriend enjoyed having a softer one.

After our stay I can completely recommend Seaview Paradise
although we were really sweating climbing up the stairs to
our villa. But I won’t blame you for the weather we had those days.
Kirill Krugovoy from Russian Federation Posted on Jun 22, 2011
Hедавно вернулись с женой и двумя детьми из райского места для отдыха, под названием "Сивью парадайз". Спасибо большое Гари и его дружной семье, а также всему персоналу за доставленное удовольствие во время нашего отпуска. Жили в вилле на берегу, в 10 метрах от залива. Очень замечательные виллы-оборудованы всем необходимым. На территории и в доме всегда поддерживается чистота и порядок, все сделано с душой и как-будто специально для вас. Здесь мы ощущали себя очень уютно, прям как дома. Для маленьких детей это действительно супер место для отдыха. Залив перед виллами неглубокий и можно не переживать за безопасность детей. Место где можно купаться на глубине в 10-15 минутах пешком по берегу залива, но это совсем не проблема. Также заезжали на горные виллы, там тоже сказочно красиво. Великолепный бассейн с видом на залив просто потрясает воображение. Пользовались услугами аренды авто и мотобайка, цены очень приемлемые.  Еще раз ВСЕМ огромное спасибо и, надеюсь, до встечи в следующем году!!!))
Anton and Eva from Russian Federation Posted on May 23, 2011
Seaview Paradise is probably the best place on Samui. Hope on next year we will be again on Samui and plan to stay all our time at Seaview.
Stan from Australia Posted on Apr 24, 2011
For those who like the idea of a house on the beach......this is it. Palm trees, waves crashing on the shore, sand being swept at dawn, helpful staff, a massage on the beach. It’s all there. We enjoyed it all. Highly recommended.
Eric and families from Sweden Posted on Apr 3, 2011
Thanks a lot for the wonderful stay at your place on the Mountain. We had a great time and very much appreciated your service and hospitality.

I found it quite fantastic that we could realize to trip with so many of us, and also considering the span in ages. From my fathers 85  down to the youngest of 7!
Chris, Michelle, and Emily from United Kingdom Posted on Mar 13, 2011
Thanks to all for such a fantastic week at Seaview paradise, I think Emily made a real friend in Nan and had a great time at both of the shows. Michelle loved the peace and quiet and the view from the villa and we all loved the hospitality, friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff. We hope Ahn is recovering from her accident.
Thank you Gary and Thip for making us feel like part of the family, we wish you all well and hope to see you all again soon.
Emma from United Kingdom Posted on Feb 21, 2011
We all had a fantastic time and to this day cannot stop talking about how good it was At Seaview Paradise. We are currently travelling through Australia and meeting a lot of new friends and telling any of whom are going to thailand to book at this unique place.
Tatiana from Russian Federation Posted on Jan 31, 2011
We spent the New Year holidays at Orchid mountain Seaview Paradise Villa. It was one of the best New Year celebration in our life! Spectacular view to the fireworks during the night, tasty dishes by our chef, privat atmosphere at our villa made this night unforgetable. One of the most important thing that everybody including Gary were really friendly and helpfully in all our needs. Special thanks for Joe, Gary’s son. We were difficult guests - 4 adults and 4 children from 2 years old untill 12 years old, but each our small problem resolved in 5 minutes, maximum in 10:) Thank you dear friends, we’ll come back!
Ursula, Beat, and Hans from Swaziland Posted on Dec 6, 2010

Once again we would like to thank the Family and the entire Team for the great time we spent at Seaview Paradise.

We enjoyed every day of our stay; it was a little bit like "coming home" for us.

We will not forget the evening, we spent with you at "Salathai" and "Shamrock" and of course the amazing experience of "Loi Krathong", a unforgetable night for us.

Allready we are looking forward to staying again at our prefered "Longevity" home.

Timur and MarieG from Russian Federation Posted on Dec 1, 2010
It is best place on Samui by quality-price ratio (in 2009 I’m looking a house for a long stay, and seen a lot of hotels and houses before chose it). We living here two times: two months at 2009 and two weeks in this year, both times at the mountain villas.
Mountain villas are very cool: great seaview, very private and quiet big houses with comfortable deck. Excellent service: absolutely no problems with anything and very friendly staff. Especially memorable is hotel party organized Gary for hotel guests (in past time we are declined invitation to party and now I think it was a mistake).

Thanks Gary and family for this place, next time I’ll going back to Samui I have no doubt about place to stay.
Ryan and friends from United Kingdom Posted on Oct 15, 2010
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This resort is amazing iv never been to a nicer place, the accommodation is fantastic, both the mountain villas and beach houses are beautiful, big, spacious, and very clean. Gary the owner and his crew are the nicest people you could ever meet will do anything for you to make your stay as good as possible. located on lamai beach about 10-15 minute walk to the night life and excellent restaurants. there was nothing to complain about here probably the best place iv been. would recommend this to anyone who is thinking of going to koh samui. I will definitely be going back here.
Rob from Canada Posted on Oct 7, 2010
If you are looking for a great place to kick back and enjoy a quiet unspoilt beach this is it.
Irina from Ukraine Posted on Oct 6, 2010
Our 2-month vacation was really wonderful and unforgettable in the Seaview Paradise. My family with two children (1,5 years, twins) were living in a villa on the shore, a family of my friends with kids (2,5 and 5 years) - in villas in the mountains. What can I say? This is true paradise!
During our vacation we try all kinds of villas on the beach (thanks Gary). In each of them has its advantages, but the closest to the sea - a real dream.
Family of my friends were very happy staying in the mountains. Every day they swam in the wonderful swimming pool where their children learned to swim! We came to visit them, and they are to us. It was really fun!
Unfortunately the sea opposite the Beach Villas is shallow, if you can not swim (like my kids) this is for you. We walked along the shore about 200 meters and swam there.
Also on the left side there is a pool of another hotel, where you can swim if you do not want to go far.
Everything else - the nature, sea, air and grass near the houses, kinder staff on hand to help day and night, everything was wonderful! We will definitely return again!
Prashanth and Sandhya from India Posted on Sep 2, 2010
Stayed in 2007 on our honeymoon. Awesome experience.
Thomas from Switzerland Posted on Sep 2, 2010
i had a wonderfull time in Seaview Paradise. Fantastic pool with a perfect seaview.The bungalow was also great and very private.

I will come again!
Rob from Canada Posted on Aug 30, 2010
If you are looking for a great place to kick back and enjoy a quiet unspoilt beach this is it.
Serge from Myanmar Posted on Aug 2, 2010
A home away from home... Would not stay anywhere else. Thank you Gary, Na and all the staff!!
Anna Lukashina from Russian Federation Posted on Jun 10, 2010

Отдыхала в Seaview Paradise с 20 по 30 апреля 2010 года в комплексе Mountain, вилла Longevity View.

Просто сказка! Мне, аборигену Дальнего Востока, это место действительно показалось раем. Виллы расположены на возвышенности, на горном склоне, отчего терассу всегда обдувает легкий приятный ветерок. Очень красива территория - пальмы, орхидеи, невиданные фруктовые деревья.  Бассейн чудесный, одним краем выступает над горным склоном: лежишь в воде и наслаждаешься потрясающей панорамой внизу. Особенно здорово в бассейне, когда стемнеет. Яркие звезды над головой, огни города вдали, под тобой - фантасмагория...

Что касается сервиса: на мой взгляд, все было безупречно. Описание и фотографии отеля на сайте соответствуют действительности. Недостатков не нашла, впрочем и не искала. Спасибо и еще раз спасибо уважаемому Gary Squires, он создал волшебное место.

Anna from Russian Federation Posted on Jun 6, 2010
I miss Samui and Seaview Paradise. Thanks to the staff very much for their kind assistance. I was just happy in the Paradise created by Gary. I will try to offer my modest mite by placing good reviews and testimonials among travelers and friends.  Already eager return to Seawiew Paradise.
Jenny from Australia Posted on May 17, 2010
Staff were extremely friendly and we were really well looked after. Big rooms and modern conveniences. They also offer someone to come into your villa and cook Thai food. Gary organised a night out to socialise with other guests in Lamai. Accomodation very clean, safe and secure also (there is a nightguard).

Beachfront access and a few minutes from local markets.
Vani from Thailand Posted on May 12, 2010
A great place to relax. The cottage opened out to the beach, so the kids had a blast and we were closeby to keep an eye on them. The staff (khun Gift) were very helpful in organising our day trips - snorkelling, tree-top climbing,.. And of course this was the best Songkran celebrations we have been part of. Gary and his family had made arrangements at the resort for all the guests to join in and be part of the water games, and free flow of food and drinks !! I would recommend SeaView Paradise for families who love to wake up to the sound of the waves..
Natalie from Ukraine Posted on Apr 22, 2010
We had a wonderful rest At Seaview Paradise. We will tell all our friends about this special place.
Elizabeth from United Kingdom Posted on Mar 10, 2010
We had the best honeymoon ever. I can’t thank Seaview Paradise and the team enough for all their hospitality. My only regret is that we could not have stayed longer.  I am still wearing a tan, smiling and dreaming of Lamai. We will spread the word about Seaview to friends and colleagues. And we will return!!!

Gwyn and Emma from United Kingdom Posted on Dec 13, 2009
Perfect location, the Villa’s are great, the team are the best, the
beach is out of this world AND a pool that will blow your mind. Sea View
Paradise is the greatest place i have ever stayed and will be returning
as soon as i possibly can. A friend of ours was leaving in 3 hours and
in that time Sea view team brought a BBQ down for us and we had a great
leaving party for him, i do not know another place that we dream of
doing this 10 out of 10 on every level.
Iris & Danny from Israel Posted on Dec 7, 2009
We’ve spent three days vacation in the best villa at Seaview Paradise. We enjoyed our stay very much; the warm welcoming of the staff; especially Na - from the office. She is wonderful and caring. We thank all for a wonderful vacation in a special location.

With love, Iris & Danny
Beat and Ursula from Switzerland Posted on Dec 7, 2009

Once again we spent wonderful days at this very special place! Longevity mountain villa is our secret paradise, we are looking forward to returning as soon as possible.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the excellent service! The staff was allways friendly and helpfull!

We recommend this peacefull place for a relaxing stay at Koh Samui


Katia from Russian Federation Posted on Nov 13, 2009
What a wonderful team for our stay at Seaview Paradise! We definitely
enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere and the villa near the pool!
Hope to be back again soon!
Eberhard Rottler from Germany Posted on Nov 11, 2009
It’s a few weeks since our stay in one of the beach view villas, but we are still full of great memories of out holidays there. Thanks to Gary, Thip and all the staff for a really memorable time! 
Chris, Sarah, Hannah & Oliver from United Kingdom Posted on Aug 19, 2009
Everyone at Seaview Paradise made our stay at Seaview Paradise wonderful and memorable. We had a truly magnificent time, and this was made all the more pleasurable by the whole teams kind and welcoming hospitality. Looking back at the photos brings it all back and reminds us of the beautiful location and of our wonderful holiday on Koh Samui. The final evening in Lamai with the Seaview family was certainly one to remember and the great atmosphere was a fitting end to our stay at Seaview Paradise.

We certainly hope to return one day, and in the meantime we shall not
hesitate to recommend this establishments to any friends who plan to
visit Samui.

Chris, Sarah, Hannah & Oliver
Sebastien from France Posted on Jul 16, 2009
Seaview Paradise is just the right name for this fantastic place. Everything is done for the customer to be just happy. Just a few steps, and the feet are in the sea. 2 minutes of motorbike, and we are in the middle of Lamai life. Just Terrific!! I d like to greatly thank the staff and a special thank to Gary, who has been very helpful and available. I ll come again, for sure !!
Alex from Russian Federation Posted on Jun 30, 2009

 We enjoyed every minute of our stay at Seaview Paradise! And the first 3 days after our return took us telling everyone what a wonderful holiday we had. Frankly saying every one here is pretty much surprised with the low cost of such a hospitable Resort. We have brilliant memories which hopefully will help us hold on till the next vacation!


Thanks to the entire staff for their hospitality and care.
Tanya from Australia Posted on Jun 17, 2009
We have recently returned to Australia after staying at Seaview Paradise for 1 week.  It was truly fantastic!!  As a family with 2 small children (2 1/2 years and 9 mths), it was just the perfect place for us.  We stayed in one of the beach villas which meant that the baby could have a sleep while the rest of us played in the sand and swam in the ocean! Na, the beach manager, is so helpful and great with the kids.  If I had to find a fault I would say that the water in the strip of beach right in front of the villas was not particularly clear ( i think because of recent rains), but it was still beautiful and warm, and very calm, so great for small children.  Seaview Paradise is in a nice quiet part of Lamai, but still with good access to a few great places to eat, and a few beautiful pools (just have a drink or a bite to eat and you can you usually use the pool at the luxury hotels).  I would honestly recommend this as a wonderful place to stay for any family group. 
Sylvia and Walter from Austria Posted on Apr 19, 2009
We had a wonderful time at Seaview Paradise both on the
Mountain and the Beach. We fell in love with Samui and the Thai
People...especially all the stars on the staff. We will come back to
Seaview Paradise next year!!!!
Larry from United States Posted on Mar 3, 2009

We had a wonderful time during our recent stay in our Seaview Paradise Beach Front Villa. It was truly a memorable experience, which we hope to repeat in the not too distant future.

Gobbi, Ivana, and Adrianna from Italy Posted on Mar 1, 2009
We are back in the Italian cold and already miss Koh Samui and Seaview Paradise. We had a good time and will gladly return in the future. We will recommend Seaview to our friends. "Arrivederci" to the owners and all the girls of the staff.
Dave and Sue from United States Posted on Feb 26, 2009
The Seaview Paradise team and staff is outstanding and impressed us with their care for all our needs. It would be wonderful to come back to Seaview Paradise.
Iman from Egypt Posted on Feb 24, 2009
My husband and I had a lovely honeymoon thanks to the wonderful family and crew of Seaview Paradise. We owe them all for our good memories of the total ambiance and their hospitality. We’ll be back next year in our anniversary.
Anna Paasikivi from Finland Posted on Jan 4, 2009

Thank You Gary and friendly staff of our perfect vacation. We are family of four from Finland. We stayed 7 days in beach villa. The villa was great, it was just front of the beach. Only  few steps from terrace you had sea under you feet. Our children 7 and 9 year boys loved it.

The beach, specially Seaview Paradise section was very well maintaind.  Seaviews own beach personal  took care of cleaness of the beach. Even leaves where picked up. Whole 10 points. If you reserve beach villa with breakfast so every morning one of the beach maids comes and makes breakfast  to you. What a service. This part of Lamai is more beacefull, I do recommend it to families. Gary and his wife has done a great job with the staff. As I said to Gary. " You can´t buy honesty". Staff was reliable.

There´s also two pool possibilitys. One near the beach villas, about 80 meters by beach there´s restaurant with pool, one part of it is suitable for kids also. Also up to the mountain is Seaview Paradises own pool. The view from the pool is breathtaking. Also mountain pool is partly suitable for children age 6 or 7 upwards.

Seaview Paradise is lovely, well maintaind and worth every penny. I recommed it.

Suosittelen tätä paikkaa erityisesti skandinaavisille perheille. Tämä oli toinen villoista joissa vietimme lomamme Koh Samuilla,edellinen oli thai omistuksessa.  Siisteys ei ole aina thai-ihmisille tärkein aspekti. Tässä hotellissa on pystytty huolehtimaan siisteydestä, suurin kiitos kuuluu paikan amerikkalaiselle omistajalle Garylle ja hänen vaimolleen jotka ovat saaneet henkilökuntanasa sisäistettyä eurooppalaiseen standardiin.

Jag måste säja att den här platsen var i bra skött. Stranden var fint och passlig för barn. Jag rekommenderar den här platsen.

Anna Paasikivi and family from Finland

Karine and Arnaud from France Posted on Dec 31, 2008

We wish all the family and staff of Seaview Paradise a very Happy New Year. We thank everyone so much for their kindness during our raining stay in November 2008.

We were so happy we are planning to come back in June with a friend.

Leo and Marina from Russian Federation Posted on Dec 19, 2008

We really enjoyed our stay in this amazing place. We still have great memories of the total  hospitality and care given by all!

It was one of our best holidays and we hope to come back next year.

Leo and Marina from Russian Federation Posted on Dec 19, 2008

We really enjoyed our stay in this amazing place. We still have great memories of the total  hospitality and care given by all the family and staff!

It was one of our best holidays and we hope to come back next year.

Anna-Maria from Sweden Posted on Dec 18, 2008

It was REALLY fantastic living in our Seaview Paradise Beach Villa. We enjoyed every moment of our stay. The entire Seaview Paradise team is like a great family with everybody being so kind and friendly. I’m sure we will be back again. And will recommend this unique place to all of our friends.

Sue and Alex from New Zealand Posted on Nov 12, 2008
" We (2 middle aged Kiwi couples) stayed in one of the beachfront Villas. It was brilliant..clean, well appointed with a perfectly adequate kitchen, good aircon in bedrooms and fan in living area, good bathroom. The staff are incredible. Very helpful and eager to please. Their mountain side pool is awesome, as is the public pool just up the beach (very cheap, clean, and quiet)."
Ronnie from Israel Posted on Nov 6, 2008

Our family had spent a great vacation time in the front beach villa. We had great time with Gary

’s family and his amazing and friendly team. The scenery and location is perfect for such a vacation and the kids were enjoying themselves as they could run safely within a wide area around the beach.

We had all we needed and more in the villa and it’s near vicinity. The villa ensures also privacy within and from the other guests. 

The services provided were timely, useful, in what ever we needed.

Very much recommended! Thank you Gary, Joe, Na,Gift and the rest of the team for the amazing experience we all had with you!

Eva Maria from Germany Posted on Nov 4, 2008

Just returned back today from this lovely place! Stayed right off the Beach and loved it..

It is totally worth it and we enjoyed as a family of 5 a wonderful, easy and lazy time at the Seaview Paradise Resort. Close to the beach the children could jump from the terrace into the water.

Try Nanny Service for having an evening off and don’t miss the pool in the mountain part of the resort with its amazing view over the Lamai Beach.

Thank you Gary and your friendly team for having unforgettable 3 weeks in Lamai.

Eva, Andreas, Samuel, Luzia and Teresa from Germany

Elisabeth from Sweden Posted on Nov 2, 2008

The Villas are great. It’s true villas and not bungalows. They are spacious and fully accomodated. Luxuary. Gary and his wife gave us full service and they are very friendly. The vacation would have been great if it wasn’t for the condition of the seawater. The seawater at this part of Lamai is not good at all. The water is very murky, dirty and absolutely not what we expected us. The reason why it is murky can depend on seaweed but I’m afraid it is because of a stream which end up at Lamai som hundred meters away. That stream pass through the island as an garbage dump for a lot of stuff without any kind of treatment works. This is a problem for Thailand at many places and Koh Samui is not excluded. Chaweng has also a stream with dirty water which ends up to the sea. It’s a good idea to take a look at the map and avoid the hotels close to these stream mouthes.
If you don’t need to swim its Seaview Paradise is a fantastic place to live at!

Elena from Russian Federation Posted on Sep 3, 2008
The holiday was wonderful. We enjoyed it very much. As my husband has told. "It is really the paradise! The place is beautiful, a fresh air, privacy-what else do we need?"A

Our warm regards to each member of the team that has made our rest at Seaview Paradise unforgettable.
Paul&Lily from France Posted on Aug 23, 2008
My family have experienced an unforgettable holiday in Seaview Paradise on both the mountain chalet and beach villa.
Each provided different senses with all the conveniences in detail.
But the pool on the hill is so marvelous after an hot afternoons stroll.

The open veranda on the top provide a fabulous sea view on dawn and dusk
and make you breathe and feel your return in mother nature.

Thank you Gary&Thip and all the family staff for your warm and kindness hospitality.
Bronwyn from Australia Posted on Aug 1, 2008
We had such a fabulous time on Samui and loved staying at Seaview Paradise. I was pleased with absolutely every part of our holiday. I will definitely be recommending Seaview Villas to anyone I know who is visiting Samui.
Johan and Karien from South Africa Posted on Jul 25, 2008

We enjoyed our stay at Seaview Paradise. Well definitely will be coming back in the near future. Our villa was always clean and the warm welcome when we arrived was most appreciated.

Marty from United States Posted on Jul 23, 2008
It was a great week for both of us. Just the right combination of wind, rain, sun, hot and cool. The staff was very helpful with everything...made the stay even better. We have already talked about coming back and have encouraged one of our friends to take a look at the web site.
Roberto & Elena from Italy Posted on May 23, 2008
Thanks to my sister,we discovered this wonderful place. We usually spend two weeks or more in Samui every year. Our last stay was in August 2007 but we hope to return to Seaview as soon as possible! We love to stay in Seaview, Mountain or Beach, and we love Gary and his family! We do not use many words to describe Seaview: simply MERAVIGLIOSO!!!!! Ciao da Roby and Elena
Vladimer from South Africa Posted on May 23, 2008
We have just returned from a 3 week holiday in Thailand/Singapore during which we spent 8 days in Seaview Paradise. We stayed in the Beach Villa, the one directly on the beach. The party consisted of our two daughters (toddler and teenager), 83 y.o. granny, my wife and me. Although I did quite a thorough search of ifferent accommodation options in Samui beforehand, I still think it was pure luck that we ended with Seaview Paradise. Already in Samui, we looked at many other resorts (we just like to compare things) and every time this view was re-confirmed.

The most important features of the Beach Villas are that two of them are in fact situated directly on the beach (for us this was the single most important requirement) and that they are real villas, not just bungalows. During the high tide there is probably not more than 15 meters from your outside dining table to the water. Villas themselves are quite spacious, and 5 of us did not really feel any inconvenience. Additional bonus was that our villa had a second shower and basin at the back, a really big difference. Open veranda with a table that easily accommodated all of us made additional feeling of spaciousness and comfort. We still dream of wonderful views from this veranda which we enjoyed every day.

There are several beach restaurants nearby, but on many occasions we just ordered good quality and very inexpensive meals from the small one next door and enjoyed them on the veranda, which was very convenient with very active toddler. One can cook own meals in the kitchen, which was not very important for adults and teenager, but absolutely crucial for the toddler who of course could not have tasty but spicy food from the nearby restaurants.

All in all, we had an unforgettable beach villa experience for the price of an average bungalow in Samui. Of course, one can rent a much larger up-market villa elsewhere on the island, this will add some frills to your experience, but the price will be 4-10 times higher, if you want it to be situated directly on the beach. I would like to thank Gary and his fantastic, most helpful staff for wonderful time we had at Seaview Paradise. The location and facilities are just perfect and your team took care of all our needs in the most efficient way. We will be back next year.
Theresa and Johann from South Africa Posted on May 14, 2008
Had a holiday of a lifetime at Seaview Paradise. We relaxed, de-stressed and recieved a new lease on life. We will be back again. And will certainly recommend this paradise to all our friends.
Alex,Glenys,Vince & Kath Ieraci from Australia Posted on Apr 27, 2008
What a fantastic 2 weeks we had at the beach front villa, plenty of room for the 4 of us and very comfortable. Gary, Thip, their family and staff made it a very special holiday for us and we are sure to return. I could rave on for pages but I won't bore you. Go and enjoy for yourselves you won't regret it.
Bo from Thailand Posted on Mar 26, 2008
I've been there before the Chinese new year. It's a great place, very beautiful scenery, nice & friendly staffs too. Thank you a lot ^^ We had a great time there. Oh, pineapple there're so delicious.
Tomas and family from Czech Republic Posted on Mar 9, 2008
Dear Gary and team, Thank you for your care and excellent service. It is breathtaking to see what you have created with sense of details. In your mountain villa one can feel the power of universe and nature.
Tom and Heike with kids from Germany Posted on Feb 27, 2008
It was an absolut fantastic stay in the beach front villas, our kids enjoyed the spacious bungalow with their own bedroom.It is so calm and peaceful with direct access to supermarkets and a small restaurants, so there is no need to go to center Lamai, with its loudness, massage saloons and dirt.We will surely come back to enjoy the peaceful beach, all the friendly people at the Seaview, especially the owner Gary always has a nice joke and smile in his bag:-)Very familiar and intimate atmosphere, the kind of holiday you will have very long in your mind...thinking of Samui with a smile. Thanks for everything you arranged for us... With best greetings from Germany Thomas,Heike,Fynn and Janne
Gerard and Janelle from Canada Posted on Feb 18, 2008
We just stayed in the lower villa in January, and loved it! Gary and staff made sure we had everything we needed, rented us a motorbike right from there, nice touch of welcome fruit platter on arrival, great pick up service from the airport. It was so nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches at night and in the morning. We loved coming back to a cleaned villa every afternoon after the beach. The pool is amazing - great views and feels like you are in a really secluded spot. We watched monkeys getting down coconuts from the trees across the road right from our balcony! We would definitely recommend this place for your next holiday.
Lars and Marte from Norway Posted on Feb 9, 2008
We had a wonderful stay at Seaview Paradise and really enjoyed a splendid evening with the owners. We would definitely like to go back and we will notify friends about this Paradise!
Werner and Laura from Austria Posted on Jan 14, 2008
We really enjoyed being at your Paradise - that is the perfect name for how this unique place felt. We are back home but still have the beautiful jungle noises in our ears. We hope to come back next winter, and Longevity was the perfect villa for us. We will spread the word.
Els & Dirk from Belgium Posted on Jan 3, 2008

we had a wonderful time in a mountain villa during our holidays end November 2007. The villa is very well situated and with rocks integrated in the kitchen and bedroom. The swimming pole and jacuzzi are splendid with a beautiful view over lamai bay. Gary, the owner, is very helpful and the reception is very professional and friendly. It is quite a walk to the beach (but transport can easily be arranged) and also some stairs up to your mountain villa but you are largely rewarded for this. We are already considering to come back.

Els and Dirk

Daniel from Sweden Posted on Jan 1, 2008
Thanks to the entire stuff for a wonderful vacation! Everything was just perfect! Amazing view, great service, everything. We will try to be back next year!
Hugo Brunsting from Netherlands Posted on Oct 26, 2007
Together with my family we spend 4 nights in the great Beach Front Villa and had a wonderful time! It is great to have the beach that close and the option to relax at the 'endless pool' in the mountain. The pool is really cool! I compared many accomodations on the net but definately found the best option. The staff is very fiendly.
Anna from Russian Federation Posted on Oct 25, 2007
We greatly enjoyed our stay at Seaview Paradise. It was the most peaceful vacation of my entire life. I will be looking forward to returning and enjoying all the special care everyone gives.
David and Maria from Germany Posted on Oct 23, 2007
We can only highly recommend the Seaview Paradise villas. Gary and his staff ( family ) offer the best service and hospitality on this island. We have already suggested to all our friends and work colleagues to stay here when on Samui. PS Breakfast is GREAT
Kentaro Kaneko from Japan Posted on Sep 28, 2007
My sister and I sincerely enjoyed the Seaview Paradise hospitality. I will surely stay at Seaview Paradise again when I visit to Koh Samui for the next holiday!!!!!! I will recommend staying at Seaview Paradise to my friends. I hope that many Japanese will stay there and feel the Thai good hospitality!!
Kristina from Lithuania Posted on Sep 22, 2007
We have been remembering and talking about Seaview Paradise every day. We really valued the entire team...everyone was very friendly...felt like a big, good, friendly family. They made our holiday unforgettable.
Jo and Neil from United Kingdom Posted on Sep 12, 2007
The Seaview Paradise truly lovely team made our time in Koh Samui very memorable. The whole place with it's unique atmosphere is quite something! We really can't wait to be back. I can't imagine having friends stay anywhere else.
Olly from United Kingdom Posted on Sep 5, 2007
We were very pleased with the villa and all the staff. They made sure that our first family holiday went without any problems and made sure we thoroughly enjoyed ouraelves. I will pass on recommendations to stay at the villa to any friends coming to Thailand. We hope to get back soon.
Denise and Robert from United Kingdom Posted on Sep 3, 2007
2 bed beach villa - excellent location and lovely villa. Staff very friendly and helpful (especially Beach Manader Na) - the owner Gary and his wife Thip very accommodating. Our children had a lovely time playing on the beach - restaurants nearby were adequate and we were not far from the town so getting taxi was easy. Would definately go back again.
Tom, Helen, & Sebastian from Norway Posted on Aug 31, 2007
Thank you very much for our wonderful stay at your Paradise. This was our first time to Thailand, but for sure not our last. We all loved the place, and your entire staff. Our son Sebastian cried when we left your Paradise...he loved the girls (and guys) at the office and wanted to stay there forever.
Gordon rogers from South Africa Posted on Aug 17, 2007
only 3 months and we will be back
Goeff and Sue from Australia Posted on Jul 25, 2007
We can't thank you enough for the wonderful holiday that we enjoyed staying with you at Paradise Mountain. The way we were warmly welcomed into your family circle made us feel very special indeed. It was one of the unexpected highlights of our holiday and we will always remember the special times at the Irish Pub watching Ovada, and the restaurants that we shared great food.
OhTee from Singapore Posted on July 09, 2007
Our stay at this resort was pure paradise. It was just fantastic, and the swimming pool was great. Good service too. I really hope to come back the next time I visit Samui.

Frank Gebhardt from Switzerland Posted on June 24, 2007
I enjoyed staying in a mountain villa for to weeks a lot. There is no other place like this: Surrounded by tropical plants, birds, an extraordinary view, overlooking entire Lamai and treated by exceptional friendly staff, I can recommend this place to anybody looking for a peaceful place. It was like staying with friends.
Thank you so much!
Thibaut and Luc from France Posted on May 09, 2007
It was a delight to stay at Seaview Paradise. We enjoyed our stay very much and we will for sure recommend the destination to our relatives. We particularly appreciated entire family and staff's devotion to the pleasure of guests. We hope to come back soon.
Dave and Sarah from United States Posted on May 05, 2007
My wife and I have vacationed all over the world and, with out a doubt, our 9 days at Seaview Paradise in Koh Samui has been the best yet. Gary, his family, and the staff were absolutely wonderful and bent over backwards to accommodate us; the personal service we received was like nothing we have ever experienced before. We even went out to eat and to several shows with Gary and his family. They are a wonderful group of people and they treated us just as if we were part of their family. My wife and I can’t wait to return.
Richard from United Kingdom Posted on May 03, 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this wonderful property. The villa was everything promised and the staff were without exception friendly, cheerful and a pleasure to be around. I will return.

philippe and stella from France Posted on April 09, 2007
Thank you gary and all the staff for our marvelous stay im Samui Seaview Paradise mountain. I hope to be with you next year maybe a new baby will be there with us. philippe and stella
Ursula+Beat from Switzerland Posted on April 04, 2007
We spent 12 wonderful days at Seaview Paradise mountain villas and it was much too short! The view from our villa and from the pool/jacuzzi was just great and we could not get enough of it. Thanks to the staff for the great service, they do everything to make guests happy! We really enjoyed our stay and we we`ll recommend Seaview Paradise to everybody who wants to come to Koh Samui!

Hopefully we`ll be returning to this very special place!
Claudia & Arne Constabel from Germany Posted on March 28, 2007
We spent almost 14 days in the Mountain Villas of Seaview Paradise. Lamai Vista was our place to be. We enjoyed it so much: the surrounding nature, the panoramic view; so peacefull and relaxing. The staff was amazing. Very friendly and always taking care. Ning was our little sunshine. She came every morning and prepared a delicious breakfast. We enjoyed meeting all of them - especially Gary. Thank you to your entire team. It was a very great pleasure staying at Lamai Vista! We hope to come back soon. Claudia&Arne, Bremen, Germany. 28th of March 2007
Tony & Jayne from South Africa Posted on March 24, 2007
We spent two months at Seaview Paradise (beachfront bungalows) and had a brilliant time. The staff at the hotel are great - very friendly and efficient and always eager to help with tour and dive bookings. We were staying with our two small children, and the environment is very child friendly and there was loads to keep them occupied. The location is at the quiet end of Lamai so the beach isn t too crowded. The down side is that some of the time - not often, but a couple of days here and there - the sea was unsuitable for swimming because the water levels were too low. But there are some swimming pools nearby, and the swimming beaches just a couple of minutes walk. We can highly recommend Seaview - get to know the local fruit seller on the beach for great daily service of fresh pineapple and mango on your doorstep; the tiny restaurant over the road has the best green curry on the island (and about the cheapest too); and there are laundries and a good second hand bookshop within 100m of the hotel. That plus the good facilities in the chalets means you have everything you need without having to drive everywhere. There aren t many serviced, self-catering places to stay in Samui so if that s what you re looking for, Seaview is the place for you!

Julie & Paul from Australia Posted on February 04, 2007
Gary, many thanks to you and your delightful staff making us so welcome. We were very fortunate to have many personal interactions with the owners of various places that we stayed at and yours was one that stands out. Clearly you thrive on entertaining your guests and (especially for those that tend to shy away from touristy type tours and all the associated surcharges) it was a delight to join you for a night out in Lamai. Even the teenagers enjoyed it! On reflection we were all delighted that we chose your beach mountain location rather than the overpopulated end of town. For those that can manage the steps to the top (great for getting fit) we will be highly recommending Seaview for a great place to stay.

Fiona and Edmond from Australia Posted on January 23, 2007
We couldn’t have wished for a better place to stay. Everyone on the Seaview Paradise team are just wonderful. We will most certainly send people there when they head to Koh Samui. Hopefully we will also get to come back again.

Sunny and Selase from Australia Posted on January 15, 2007
We very much enjoyed our stay at Seaview Paradise and thought that the service, Villas, and friendliness of the staff was outstanding. We also really appreciate the advice and insight into what to do in Samui. We are looking forward to returning. We are already missing the view from the Mountain Villa and pool---it was wonderful to wake up to!

We will recommend Seaview to our friends!
Thomas Hintereder from Germany Posted on December 29, 2006
Thank you for your unbelievebile hospitality!! Your Bungalows are wonderful for vacation! A fantastic spot to see bird life. The large outside porch and a rooftopped deck on the house overlooking the palms and whole Lamai beach, you can not find something like these a second time in Ko Samui. The view from the pool/jacuzzi is just wonderful. The owners, Gary and Tip, are warm, wonderful, most accomodating, and exceedingly hospitable people. I highly recommend you stay at Seaview Paradise, For me are the Mountain Bungalows because of the View the highlight. To sit on the Terrasse in the morning or afternoon with a glass of red Wine, its fantasic. But also the beach side is great. You cannot go wrong with the accomodation, services, and the people there.
Chris and Angela from United Kingdom Posted on December 17, 2006
Thanks everyone at Seaview Paradise from all of us who spent a lovely 10 days at the beach. Once again, we had a brilliant holiday made even better by your excellent team and all made us feel so welcome. I don't think there is any doubt that we will be back in samui for another Seaview Paradise holiday sometime soon.

Craig and Linn from Netherlands Posted on November 23, 2006
We had such a wonderful time at Seaview Paradise. The Villa was lovely, the service was great, the setting was fantastic, all in all we had a lovely vacation and will definitely be recommending Seaview to our friends. In fact we have already. We hope that next time we come we can try your mountain villas because we thought the setting was even more spectacular. Oh and we just loved the infinity pool!!!

Thanks to all for making our holiday perfect!

Andrea and Gareth from United Kingdom Posted on November 09, 2006
We had a lovely holiday and the accommodation was superb. The staff is a wonderful bunch of people. No one can believe how close we were to the beach in our Beach View Villa and how beautiful it is. Thank's for creating such a warm welcome and stay for us. It’s really hard to opt for independent accommodations as you have no back up...but when you find a good one you want the world to know!!!

Julie from Canada Posted on November 01, 2006
I will not hesitate to come again if I get back to Samui. I really felt welcome and like the beach home thanks to all the little details to attention the staff had for us.

The fruit, the lovely smiles, checking in on us almost everyday. Ta who was wonderful and made us a great breakfast. Always smiling and happy to see us. And the massage therapists were also great.

Thanks once again for a great spot of Paradise.

Erez Elbas from Israel Posted on October 23, 2006
It was a real pleasure for my wife and for me to stay in your amazing little piece of heaven. I most certainly will recommend my friends to stay in your resort. Thank you very much for these wonderful days and i hope we'll return again soon.

Ron, Christian, Ben from Switzerland Posted on October 21, 2006
We enjoyed our holidays in Samui very much and appreciated your warm-hearted and excellent service. You made our holidays memorable.
Fred, Anne, Macha from France Posted on September 28, 2006
Despite our short stay, we had great times at the Seaview Paradise Mountain Villa, especially the little one. Absolutely nothing wrong to report. A place we will recommend for sure.

Amy and Matt from Australia Posted on September 25, 2006
Our stay at Seaview Paradise was magical and memorable and our Mountain Villa was truly a beautiful place. We will be recommending Seaview Paradise to family and friends. Whenever we return to Thailand we wll sure to be come back.

Aby from United Kingdom Posted on September 19, 2006
We definitely had the best time of our lives staying at Seaview Paradise and we will ensure that we or any of our acquaintances who plan to come to Samui will make it their first choice of residence.

We have fantastic memories of our stay there and especially the fabulous service we received from the staff.
Frank and Lauren from United States Posted on September 02, 2006
We had a fantastic time in Paradise. It was the perfect ending to our honeymoon trip. We will definitely recommend Seaview Paradise to our friends and we hope to be back again soon.

Gary and Pascaline from Belgium Posted on September 01, 2006
The incredible location...the very warm and welcoming staff...the lovely pool...are all details that made our stay in Seaview Paradise one of the best souvenirs of our entire trip.

Danielle Neet from Australia Posted on August 24, 2006
What a lovely time we had at Seaview Paradise...I miss it already. We will certainly be returning again next year and I will pass on Seaview's name to all my friends... and family

Changying Duan from China Posted on August 22, 2006
Thank you very much for making our stay in Samui such a pleasant experience. It'll become a good memory of ours. For sure we'll recommend Seaview Paradise to friends And we definitely want to try the beautiful mountain Villas next time.

Charles Daily from United States Posted on August 04, 2006
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. I had high hopes and expectations and you certainly did not disappoint. Thanks again and here’s hoping that I’ve started a new tradition for my wife, Toi, and myself.

Lee-Anne Townsend from Australia Posted on August 02, 2006
We really enjoyed our stay in our chalet, it was just so relaxed & beautiful...just a quiet, laid back place. Thank you all for making our stay so pleasant...we hope to be back some time soon

Dieter Klose from Germany Posted on May 31, 2006
Hi all,

well, it was a little bit tough for us (2 people from Beijing) in the beginning. Arriving late in the afternoon, with the plan to stay for 3 weeks on one of the mountains villas. First impression, a little bit far away from everything, how shall we stay so close to the jungle. How can I handle the motor cicle uphill and downhill "looks pretty steep"? We have been pretty close to say "no thank you, not for us, we need more people arround, perhabs something more close to the beach".

But, but, but! I am so happy today that we took two days to wait what will happen with ourself. First it changed to what a charming place, then to something like "this is really a little bit like staying in paradise, quite, overlooking the ocean, nothing to take care about" and no wonder, at the end it was close to fall in love. -> -> At the end we took one more week.

Yes, it is true, we have had the chance and the luck to stay for four weeks on one of the higher moutain villas. A place I will never forget! And of course your team is "first class", always around when you need somebody but never hasseling you.

So, nothing to complain, only you make it really hard to get back to work and normal live. Thank you very much, and I hope you can keep this piece of "Koh Samui" in the way you have created it.

All the best, Dieter Klose

Mike and Sussane from Sweden Posted on May 02, 2006
Thanks for the beautiful, relaxing stay and for the marvelous atmosphere where we enjoyed the serenity, peace, and tranquility of our Mountain Lamai Vista Chalet. We will return!!!

Mike Lockhart from United States Posted on April 22, 2006
Have never been to Thailand, or Samui, before and booked at Seaview Paradise simply as a first stab from an internet review. What luck and what an incredible treat!

Immaculate houses, reasonable rate, wonderful hospitality and support from owners and all staff. The homes are located on a rather steep, huge boulder strewn hillside, and our Samui Panorama Villa was the highest which made for perhaps a 4-6 minute, somewhat rigorous climb up a winding outdoor stairway. Beautiful pool and garden settings. Several other homes are lower and much easier to access.

However, as a nature lover, and amatuer photographer, the high Samui Panorama Villa was the best place we stayed in over 3 weeks in Thailand, and one of the best vacation locations I have ever visited!

A fantastic spot for observing exotic bird life with a large outside porch and a rooftop deck on the house overlooking the canopy of nearby trees and Lamai beach. Saw many, many new species of birds from these vantage points and the remarkable, haunting calls of greater coucal, other native birds, and tokay (and other smaller) gecko species was heaven to me.

Will definitely return to this remarkable place --- one of my all time favoite vacation memories.

Anja and Wolfgang from Germany Posted on April 04, 2006
You all have made our holidays so special. We have never had such a good service as in your Paradise. But now we are at home - dreaming of our holidays in Thailand... and sure we will come back as soon as we can make it.

Hans and family from Sweden Posted on March 28, 2006
Thank you for the wonderful stay at Seaview Paradise. We are longing for Samui and we look forward to be back soon.

Larry and Sharon from Canada Posted on March 14, 2006
Gary and Crew,

Thank you for your fabulous hospitality!! Your villas are the highight of our vacation! Having Ning every morning preparing breakfast, Carol always offering a helping hand whenever needed.... You can be assured that we will recommend Seaview Paradise to all of our friends who are considering going to Thailand!

Thank you again
Larry & Sharon

Michael Bos Andersen from Denmark Posted on March 04, 2006
We would like to thank you for our stay at wonderful Seaview Paradise. We had a great time. Your staff was ever so friendly and open, and your own hospitality generous.

Thank you from Michael, Birgit, Sandra and David from Copenhagen

Bruce Holdridge from United States Posted on February 17, 2006
Seaview Paradise is relaxing, peaceful and quiet. It is clean, well equipped and the chalets are beautiful. Words cannot fully describe how nice this establishment and its' owners are. The huge granite rocks incorporated in to the mountain chalets add a wonderful touch as do the optional Thai showers which are exceedingly refreshing.

The pool/jacuzzi, and view from the pool, is a vacation destination in itself. At the pool, you will likely meet nice people from all parts of the world that are fun tospeak with. The owners, Gary and Tip, are warm, wonderful, most accomodating, and exceedingly hospitable people. Be sure and have Tip give you some ideas for local restaurants with excellent Thai food at good value.

I highly recommend you stay at Seaview Paradise, either mountain or beach side. You cannot go wrong with the accomodations, services, and people. Seaview Paradise was the highlight of my entire trip to Thailand and Angkor Wat - and I can say this even after staying at the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok and Raffles Hotel in Cambodia. We definitely will return!

Gary and Tip, thank you for a wonderful, relaxing, fun vacation stay. You are wonderful hosts! I hope to see you again soon!

Bruce Holdridge
Southern California, USA

Amra and Freddy from Sweden Posted on November 22, 2005
Thank you for your wonderful service and hospitality during our stay. Yours is a welcome we will definitely never forget and Koh Samui is a place that has had a strong impact on us and our characters: we will be there again as soon as the opportunity arises! We will never forget all your smiling faces =) and your enduring helpfulness, which made our vacation such a fantastic experience!It truly is a seaview paradise.

Thomas and Angela from Germany Posted on November 19, 2005
We're very glad that we discovered your Paradise four years ago. Every time we come back, we are always reassured that we could not have found any better place to step back and relax.

e and a watson from Thailand Posted on October 29, 2005
many thanks to joe and family and not forgetting all the team at seaview (beach) for a great holiday, so relaxing and just what we needed after a rushed week in Bangkok! nothing was too much trouble and always with a smile, the villa was excellent and everything so clean we would recommend seaview to anyone. We hope to make it back again one day but until then bye and take care, thanks again!

Marco from Switzerland Posted on October 04, 2005
Thank's for everything. I crossed an instant very nice to this special place.

Rami from Israel Posted on August 30, 2005
We enjoyed our time in Seaview very much. The team was very friendly and helpful. It's an excellent place and we are sure to recommend it to our friends.

Sylvie from France Posted on August 23, 2005
Thank you and your team for the very nice stay we had in your place. We had a wonderful holiday and everybody in Seaview Paradise was so kind with us and our children. We hope to be able to come back soon.

Lee and Penny from United Kingdom Posted on August 01, 2005
We miss Seaview Paradise a great deal and have a warm feeling in our hearts. All our love to you and Thip. We look forward to coming back in a years time.

Ray and Adriana from United States Posted on April 26, 2005
Thanks to you Gary and to your family. We were really impressed with Seaview, and you all made us feel so wonderful. Thank you for a great time, wonderful advice, beautiful surroundings, and the warmth of your hearts. We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends.

Kind regards, Ray & Adriana

natalie scurry from Ireland Posted on April 16, 2005
It's been alsmost 2 years since I stayed in the Samui Panarama and I'm still talking about it. I love showing off this web page to family and friends they are so jealous (or inspired depending on their outlook) Thank you to Gary, his beautiful wife and Joe and cheryl the dog for the warm welcome to your amazing paradise which we will never forget. take care love natalie and karl

Karsten and Jutta from Germany Posted on March 20, 2005
We`re thinking a lot of our wonderfull vacation we had with you. Your hospitality was realy great. We enjoyed the time with you so much. Best wishes and greetings to you and your wonderful staff.

Johnny from England Posted on February 19, 2005
I enjoyid my stay at Seaview Paradise especially as it came at the end of a stressful couple of weeks work in the far east. During the day I chilled on my terrace, drank a couple of beers with my mate, and drank in the breathtaking view.

I will be strongly pushing the name of Seaview Paradise to my friends and hope to be back again soon. Cheers to you and the great people at Seaview Paradise.
Chris Curtis from England Posted on January 12, 2005
Our relaxing stay at Seaview was the perfect start to our trip. The accommodation was lovely but the best part of it was being looked after by Joe and the team. They made our stay especially nice.
Lia and Ed from Canada Posted on January 03, 2005
We really enjoyed staying at Seaview Paradise. The chalet was spacious, clean, and beautiful. The view was incredible, and some days it was hard to leave the chalet. In the evenings the sunset was amazing. The one breakfast we ordered was delicious, and all the staff was very helpful. We're only sorry we didn't stay longer and take advantage of the other services you offer!

Thanks again, we will definitely recommend Seaview Paradise to friends and family.
Karen from United Kingdom Posted on October 13, 2004
Had a wonderful time on your mountain. Thank you for taking us out and making us feel welcome. We will definitely be recommending you and we have already planned to come again next year. Thank you so much and have a wonderfull year.
Avril and Tracy from Scotland Posted on August 20, 2004
A Paradise indeed. One that we hope to return to one day! Sunday when we leave will be a sad day, but we will have so many happy memories to carry back to Scotland. Thanks for making us so welcome-it's been great to meet you all.
Jim and Lorna from United Kingdom Posted on July 31, 2004
We want to tell you how much we appreciated your hospitality. You made us feel very welcome...not just yourselves...but your staff who would come up everyday and check that everything was ok.

The rooms are amazing, we have been showing our friends back home the video footage we took and they cannot believe how nice they are. You chose the best spot to build Seaview!!!
Camilla and Fredrik from Sweden Posted on July 07, 2004
We really hade a great time at your wonderful Seaview Paradise and we're looking forward to stay with you at our next visit to Thailand. We send our best regards to all great people that makes Seaview such a remarkably good place, to you Gary and to Joe, Tip, Heng and of course to all of your friendly staff. You are all great people and were honored to have hade the opportunity to meet you all. Of course we are more than happy to recommend our lovely place to all our friends.
Benjawan from Thailand Posted on June 02, 2004
Your resort is beautiful. Next time I will go to Seaview Paradise again.
Gunter and Kul from Germany Posted on May 01, 2004
We enjoyed it very much in your Resort. The Chalet is designed very individually and we like it very much. Also the service is very good and friendly. We have never had a better stay.

We thank you, Gunter and Kul
Andre from Canada Posted on April 21, 2004
We had a wonderful stay at Seaview Paradise. The quality of service is 5 were always ready to satisfy our every desire. You made our holidays in Koh Samui a wonderful time.

It is interesting to meet special and kind people like your family and team. We don't feel that we are customers...but as guests of your family.

Thank you so much and see you soon I hope.
Rolf from Germany Posted on April 01, 2004
We enjoyed our stay in your Paradise the best. Thank you very much for the nice time. We will reccommend your Paradise to all our friends. All the best for you, your family, and your staff.
Steve from Australia Posted on March 17, 2004
Thank you for the wonderfull hospitality and enjoyable atmosphere of Seaview. Damian keeps wanting to go back. I hope to bring the rest of the kids there this time next year.
Peter Cullen from Hong Kong Posted on February 16, 2004
Stephanie and I thoroughly enjoyed out visit in Thailand, most notably at Seaview! We've told several people about Seaview, Gary, so I'll direct them to you should Koh Samui dot their itinerary.
Eric Bischoff from United States Posted on February 09, 2004
Hi Gary!! Had a great time on Samui. Hope to see you again. Your Chalets look great!! See you soon

M. Titouh from France Posted on January 09, 2004
Thank you very much for all you do for us in Samui. We will never forget you and your team for the rest of our lives. You are great people.
Paramjeet Singh from Singapore Posted on November 14, 2003
Thank you for making us feel so welcome at Seaview Paradise. We certainly enjoyed our stay there. We look forward to coming again in the near future and will recommned Seaview Paradise and your website to our friends.
Barry from United States Posted on October 24, 2003
Thank you so much for making our stay in Ko Samui so wonderful. My time at Seaview Paradise provides the fondest memories of Thailand. Your hospitality, care and thoughfulness went above and beyond what is necesary for a first class resort. We felt more like family than guests and enjoyed meeting each one of you. Your resort is naturally beautiful and provides some of the most stunning views imaginable. Take care, and I will see you next year! Kindest regards, Barry
Sandy Lam Baltazar from United States Posted on July 15, 2003
What can I say...

Only that I am anxiously awaiting return to Seaview in January 2004 and enjoy all its comforts. This time we want to lounge in the upstairs outdoor Thai-style sala where one could write a book or doze all day long while exotic birds and the gentle sway of the palm trees are the only noise you hear. Cannot wait to have the fresh coconuts again! I really miss the family at Seaview. Attention to detail is what one will find here. We appreciated all the information that came with our Chalet "menu." From rain water to bathing water, the gorgeous gourmet kitchen with its fantastic view of Lamai Bay, the Seaview family looked at every comfort detail.

Sawasdee ka until next time...

Sandy Lam Baltazar
Lena and Yuri from Russian Federation Posted on March 15, 2003
There has not been a single day we haven't recalled you and your magnificent place. Every day we tell our friends and relatives how we have spent our rest at Seaview Paradise. We were really happy to find your place and to meet you. We hope to see you again. Please forward our best regards to your friendly staff.
Thierry and Francoise. from France Posted on February 20, 2003
You have the best place in Koh Samui. In a word, Seaview Paradise is the right name. We won't hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Thanks a lot for your kindness and congratulations to your team. We hope to come back again quickly.
Li Jin from Singapore Posted on February 19, 2003
Thank you so very much for your hospitality. I commend you for the care you've paid to every detail. I enjoyed my stay at Seaview Paradise tremendously and can see myself going there soon. You have wonderful staff, hardworking and very helpful. Everything was perfect. Thank you for making the trip so worthwhile.
Corrie from United States Posted on February 12, 2003
You and your staff went above and beyond in the service department and we had a wonderful time. I hope we can return or at least send our friends your way - you have done an amazing job in building Seaview Paradise - it is a wonderful and unique haven.
Steve and May from United States Posted on February 08, 2003
Beautiful, clean, spacious Chalets with fantastic views.
Kevin and Charlotte from Ireland Posted on February 08, 2003
The nicest place we've stayed. Completely exceeded our expectations.

Camille from Germany Posted on January 13, 2003
You and your team were great. We enjoyed every minute of our stay. We'll be back...soon!
Karl Goodgion from United States Posted on December 24, 2002
Fantastic. I can't say enough good things about the staff and the facilities.
Curt Jensen from Canada Posted on December 16, 2002
Over and above the best service we have ever encountered
Lisa and Kevin from United Kingdom Posted on December 08, 2002
Dear Gary and Team,

We had an amazing time during our stay with you, one of the fondest so far! We have recommended Seaview to all we meet! Thank you again for all that you did that made our stay so enjoyable.

Lisa and Kevin
Marc DaSilva from United States Posted on December 07, 2002
Dear Gary and the entire Seaview Paradise family,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for helping Pete and I have a truly fantastic vacation. From the moment I arrived, the beauty of Seaview Paradise transitioned me into an instant state of relaxation. The magnificent thing about this state is that it lasts after I leave.

The entire staff made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Although this was only my second stay at your beautiful property, I already feel like it is my vacation home. I look forward to staying with you again as soon as humanly possible.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Robert & Gemma from Sweden Posted on November 25, 2002
Hi Gary, Phanthip, and Joe

We hope everything is fine with everybody in Samui. We remember back to the great times and special moments at Seaview Paradise. Hopefully we can relive them again in the future at your very special place.

Robert & Gemma, Sweden
Jason from United Kingdom Posted on November 25, 2002
Hi Gary,

I had a fantastic time in Koh Samui and it all started at Seaview Paradise ...what a find!! Tonight I having been showing friends the video I shot. I must say it was great meeting you and I'm looking forward to doing it all again.

Best wishes, Jason, England
Remco from Netherlands Posted on November 25, 2002
Hello Gary and the Seaview Paradise Team,

We enjoyed our stay at your place a lot. We had a very good time and will love to come back to your Paradise. We also thank you for all the special and personal service which we feel makes staying with you all such a unique experience.

Remco, Netherlands
Kelly from Ireland Posted on November 25, 2002
We really appreciate all your hospitality during our stay. We will certainly pass on what a great vacation we had with you. Again, please tell Son Joe and your wife thanks from the two of us.
Take care,
Kelly, Ireland
Ayumi from Japan Posted on November 25, 2002
Hello Gary,

We got back to Tokyo tonight. It was wonderful to stay at your Seaview Paradise. We really had a great time there. We both loved your place and it was very sad to leave Samui. Have a successful coming year. Hope to see you soon and keep in touch!

Ayumi, Japan
Craig from United States Posted on November 25, 2002
Hi Gary,

I had an awesome time, absolutely fell in love with my Chalet, and definitely plan on a return trip. You made my stay great. Everyone was so nice. I have fallen in love with Koh Samui and will be back the next chance I get. Say hi to everyone and take care.

Craig, America
Hans & Maria from Sweden Posted on November 25, 2002
Dear Gary and Thip,

Thank you for everything during our days at Seaview Paradise. We had a wonderful time, and we're so happy that we found you on the web and made the decision to stay at your place. We had our most wonderful days ever at Seaview Paradise.

Best Regards, Hans & Maria, Sweden
David from United States Posted on November 25, 2002

Really enjoyed our visit to Seaview Paradise…..the food, the company, the beauty of the place! The days flew by too fast. I'll always remember the good meals, chatting with Thai people who are so open and kind and friendly; the swimming; the Thai massage, the 15 minute gazes at the coconut trees and banana trees, the stars……

David, America
Lee & Ween from Australia Posted on November 25, 2002
Dear Gary, Thip, Joe & all @ Seaview Paradise,

As you can probably tell we are safe & sound back home in Australia! We just wanted to say thanks so much for a great week with you & for being such good hosts & guides. The property is stunning enough in its own right but getting to know you & feeling part of what was going on really enhanced our holiday. We will certainly be back if you'll have us!!!!

Kindest regards, Lee & Ween, Australia
Ferenc & Ildikó from Hungary Posted on November 25, 2002
Hi Gary,
We are your Hungarians! We send some photos and keep nice remembrances about you and the week spent in your chalet. We hope you have many guests from Hungary since we're telling all our friends about your orderly and hospitable Seaview Paradise.

Best regards, Ferenc & Ildikó, Imi & Andrea, Hungary
Bowen from Canada Posted on November 25, 2002
Hi Gary,
Just wanted to say thanks again for the hospitality. We really enjoyed ourselves in our wonderful Chalet. It was far and above a much better trip because of you and your family. We had much more fun then we would have had in an anonymous resort or hotel. I will definitely come back…hopefully not too far in the future.

Thanks again!!
Bowen, Canada
Suraiya from Hong Kong Posted on November 25, 2002
Dear Gary,
Its good to be back home in Hong Kong, but already miss my wonderfully relaxing stay with you. A great big thanks to you for your very kind hospitality. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially feeling at home in your fascinating resort. Have been telling my friends about the amazing way you have built it. Will definitely come back again in future.

Warm Regards, Suraiya, Hong Kong
Gary from United Kingdom Posted on November 25, 2002
Dear Gary,

Thank you for the wonderful time we had in Longevity View. You had more than catered for all our needs and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think the whole set-up is great and I wish you continued success. All the best for 2002 to you and your family.

Rob from United States Posted on November 25, 2002
We had a wonderful time staying at your Paradise. You, Thip, and Joe have been the friendliest hosts I have ever seen. Thank you for making us feel so welcome in Samui. It's a wonderful place filled with beautiful people Thanks again
Ilona and Andreas from Austria Posted on November 25, 2002
Dear Gary, Thip and the entire Seaview Paradise family

Thank you very much for being so nice to us. It was much more then service. You helped us like someone from our own family. We've had the best honeymoon anyone could ever imagine. For everything you have done for us, we would like to return to you when you visit Austria.
Lots of Love, Ilona and Andreas, Austria"
Niek & Mariola from Netherlands Posted on November 19, 2002
Hi Gary, Panthip and all the "family",

thanks for a very relaxing stay and feeling us welcome in Koh Samui. It has been great staying in "Longevity", but it's time for us to move on (we already stayed longer than planned!)

Maybe someday we'll see you again, but if not, we can keep in touch through the net.

Greetings to all,
Niek and Mariola
( <- but it's in dutch!!!